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Dumstrut - Who is completely out cycling?

Dumstrut - Who is completely out cycling?

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How long can a dolphin hold its breath? How many of the world's 100 richest people have beards? How high into the air can popcorn jump when you pop it? And how long is the longest traffic jam ever?

Dumstrut is a fun and entertaining game with over 400 questions that all have one thing in common – they're twisted, funny and almost impossible to get right.

The game idea is as simple as it is entertaining. Here it is important to think and avoid the opponent's "Dumstrut" card by getting as close to the correct answer as possible. Keep your tongue in your mouth and play your own "Dumstrut" card to whoever you think is furthest away and grab yourself lots of points.

The perfect game for anyone who loves nonsensical facts, laughs and crazy guesses! A truly entertaining game for the party, home evening or dinner.

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