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Dark Blue Balloon String on Roll - 250m x 10mm - For Balloons and Gifts

Dark Blue Balloon String on Roll - 250m x 10mm - For Balloons and Gifts

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Capture the party atmosphere and decorate with ease with our 500 meter long string on a roll! This versatile string is perfect for tying balloons or decorating gifts. With a width of 5mm and a beautiful dark blue color, it will add an elegant touch to your decorations.

Whether you want to prepare a festive balloon bouquet or give a beautifully wrapped gift, our 5mm wide balloon string is the perfect choice. It is strong and durable to ensure your balloons and gifts stay securely tied and neatly presented.

With 500 meters of string on the roll, you will have enough string for several events and occasions. You can easily cut the string to the desired length and use it again and again to create beautiful decorations.

Add an elegant and practical touch to your party decorations with our 5mm wide twine on a roll. Give your balloons and presents the extra lift they deserve with our versatile and beautiful dark blue balloon string.

500 meter long string on a roll.
Works for both balloons and gifts.
5 mm wide balloon string in dark blue.

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